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Leads are the heartbeat of any profitable real estate business and generating new leads can often seem overwhelming. There are 1,000’s of ways you can get leads for your business, but over the years I have narrowed it down to five recession-proof ways of obtaining leads that can actually sustain your business year after year with the ever-fluctuating real estate market.

FSBO. The Art of Working For Sale By Owners:

Finding for sale by owner leads can be found as easily as the old fashion driving around method and looking for signs, but in today’s era of technology, I find that subscription lists could be the way to go.  Use simple but effective scripts to get your foot in the door both figuratively and physically. Something like: “I noticed your for sale sign, I was wondering if your home was still available? Perfect. I’d like to set a time to take a quick tour of your property are you available today at 4pm?”



Expired listings are often found on similar subscription lists to the FSBO Lists but you can also pull your own list with a search on your local MLS. A slight adjustment of your simple script for FSBO will heed great results.  “I noticed your home used to be for sale. I was wondering if you were still interested in selling it? Perfect. I’d like to set a time to take a quick tour of your property are you available today at 4 pm?”



Buying leads through a third-party real estate site with a large public-facing audience can be quite effective. But also consider tapping into your social media and gaining leads from there. This will cost money so you will need to set up a budget and determine your target audience. The secret to success with online ads is all in the response time. You will need to be prepared to either respond automatically or utilize an auto-response system, so your potential clients feel they are connecting with you immediately.

COMMAND TIP: Use Command’s Artificial Intelligence to help you place your social media ads in front of your target audience.



The Objective to farming a neighborhood is to become known as the local area expert. You can accomplish this by getting involved in the neighborhood in a few different ways. Be active on the neighborhood Facebook page, attend the local events, send out postcards introducing yourself, take your dog on a walk around and get to know the people face to face. (I suggest if you don’t have a dog, borrow one but kids will work just as good.)  When you are picking out your neighborhood make sure it is a neighborhood with a decent turnover rate and moderately priced. You don’t want to farm a neighborhood where no one is moving into or selling.

COMMAND TIP: You can farm your area by placing the prospects on a “Neighborhood Nurture”. Giving them hyper-local information on targeted neighborhoods.



Open houses create immediate exposure to potential clients that are looking in the now. The trick to open houses is that you must do it at a high level, a few signs and balloons in front of the home just don’t cut it anymore. Make sure you have Pinterest worthy refreshments and take away flyers that brand not just you but the home you are selling. In these open houses you’re not just marketing the home but you’re showing your potential clients the effort you would be willing to put in when selling their home. Make sure you get the neighborhood involved by knocking on the doors and offering a “sneak peak” send out invitation postcards to the surrounding area. Set up an outdoor tent with refreshments and have a professional guest list sign in.

COMMAND TIP: You can grow your database by speaking the new contact info straight into your Kelle App, and she will transfer the contact info directly into your Command database, taking care of all the hard work.