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Michael is a true Warrior, a modern day Viking.  He has an uncanny ability to create the impossible for his clients.  Whether it’s real estate sales or coaching, Michael is effective at delivering results that are astonishing.  He gives his clients permission to rise up to their highest potential and expects excellence in everything they do.  Michael fully comprehends that who you are being is going to have a direct impact on the action steps you take in your personal life and your business.  When you are being a warrior, you will make bold and decisive choices.  When you are trying to fit in and seeking approval, you will play small and suffer as a result.  Michael is not for the faint of heart.  He has always been someone who squeezes the essence out of life and savors every moment that he gets to spend with his family, friends and clients.  It’s that unconditional love that drives him to succeed at levels that are only experienced in less than 1% of the population.  Michael shows up for every curveball with a smile and a warrior attitude.  There is no obstacle that is too large for him.  Michael is relentless in getting things done with lightning speed and he thrives on challenge.  He also has the courage to pivot and make bold moves when life calls for it.  This is how Michael left a comfortable 17 year career in leadership and real estate management to venture on his own and create a world class team of high performing realtors.  Michael also took initiative to fulfill a lifelong dream of getting his black belt and is continuing on this path to the next level.  So if you are feeling blocked in your business or personal life and are ready to be catapulted into a whole new dimension of living and being, then be brave and contact Michael for a deep dive, high flame conversation to see if you qualify for one of his custom curated coaching programs.  Your life will never look the same again.

About You

You are powerful.  You are passionate.  You have a bias for action.  You are tenacious, hungry to succeed and have a drive for excellence.  You have a track record of success but are open to something more.  You are future-focused.  You are coachable and relatable.  You are highly optimistic regardless of circumstances and exhibit a can-do attitude.  You will have a demonstrated ability to be present in uncomfortable moments and a willingness to tolerate discomfort as you navigate unchartered territories.  You will exhibit courage, creativity, grit, perseverance and integrity.  Continued growth and evolving as a human will be super important to you.  You will be open to Michael pointing out your blind spots and raising the bar for the standards you create in your life.  If any of the above is not who you are yet, but are traits you want to exhibit, then Michael is the coach to help you get there, faster than you can imagine.

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Compass is building the first modern real estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless.

As an innovative residential real estate firm, we empower our agents so they have more time for advising their clients. With the solutions-driven mindset of a startup and the sophistication of a luxury brand, Compass is the future of real estate.

To lead the industry requires the smartest tools built by the brightest minds across engineering, design, and strategy. Through our proprietary platform, Compass is changing how agents and clients navigate the process of finding or selling a home.


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As we work to help everyone find their place in the world, Compass Cares empowers agents and employees alike to support meaningful causes right where it counts most: at home.


Our unique culture creates a sense of family and community that is rare and unique in the real estate industry. When you’re here, you’re family.

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We’ve built the first modern real estate platform, pairing top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless.

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I have known Michael Brue for close to three years.  My first encounter with him was when he gave a presentation to new agents at Keller Williams.  He was a dynamic presenter.  He was passionate, brilliant and connected well with the audience.  He was a true leader.  Fast forward and I, like many other former Keller Williams agents, joined his team at Luxe Lifestyles.  At some point, I was going through some personal challenges and I asked Michael for coaching support.  He graciously offered to help, in spite of his busy schedule.

I soon came to learn that Michael is one of the most fiercely loving humans on this planet.  He has a rare combination of a massive heart along with a brilliant mind.  He is a master problem solver and has the gift of understanding each person he is working with, so he can connect with them in a language that will reach them.  Michael has an uncanny generosity of spirit and is truly able to lift people up from the ashes and give them wings to fly.  He reconnected me with a part of myself that I had lost. He helped me see that holding onto the past was not serving me and that I was so much stronger than I was giving myself credit for.  He believed in me until I learned how to believe in myself.  But most of all, he cared about my wellbeing and my career and showed a genuine interest in my success.  That is priceless!  I learned more about myself and life through my interactions with Michael than I learned in my 3 years of Law School.  If you want your life to get slightly better, read a good book.  If you want your life to get 10x better, work with Michael!

Gail Wisner


“As a model for excellent customer service, I’ve learned that customers do come first! You rock! ”

Stan Ho


“Fantastic owner, broker, team leader, agents, and staff!”

Aaron Ludin


“It has been an amazing experience thus far!! Love the energy and support from everyone.”

Sonia N Browning

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I am looking forward to helping you achieve your dream goals and scale your personal life and business to the next level