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Business Strategy Session with Michael

Is your brain overloaded?  Do you have so many incredible ideas that you want to manifest but can’t decide which one to pursue?  Are you in a place where you are ready to make some clear decisions so you can move forward on your next project or goal?  If so, my one day intensive may be the perfect solution for you.  I will carve out a day for us to sit down together where you get to dump everything inside your brain onto mine.  Together, we will delete what no longer serves you.  We will delegate what someone else can do better or cheaper.  And then I’ll help you solve your biggest challenges by creating a simple, clear and concise roadmap to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.  I will unfreeze what has been holding you back.  We will then have a follow-up call 30 days later to ensure you are on track and to answer questions.

Breakthrough Coaching

We begin with the Strategy session above.  We then meet for an hour over the next 8 weeks to help you implement the plan we created in our One Day Intensive.  This plan includes email communication between sessions to keep you on track and providing you with the benefit of 24/7 coaching support. 

First Responder Training

This is a unique custom curated training to help you become the 1st responder in all situations.  This training will give you the confidence and security to be anywhere and know that you have the skills to survive.  This skillset will bleed into all other areas of your life, allowing you to show up as an Olympic athlete in all that you do.  This training includes helping you become your optimal physical self.  We meet weekly for 6 months with action steps and support between sessions.  Disclaimer:  This is not for the faint of heart.  This is hard work.  It requires courage, grit, perseverance, patience, focus and stamina.  You will never see yourself or the world the same again.  This is a space where miracles happen, where the impossible becomes possible.     

Mentorship with Michael

This spot is filled for 2023, but I am currently holding interviews for the 2024 spot.  Please reach out as this spot will fill quickly.

There is only one spot available for this coveted annual program.  It includes all of the above packages.  Specifically, a quarterly One Day Intensive, weekly calls, First Responder Training and any other specific goals you want to achieve, subject to a conversation and agreement.  You will be provided with my personal cell phone # so we can talk between sessions should a question or issue arise.  You will walk away as a true warrior, completely revamped and renewed to create the life of your dreams. You will be unrecognizable to yourself. You will easily be able to face and strategically navigate any situation life brings you with impeccable resolve, brilliance and courage.

If any of the above programs do not fit your needs, we can develop a customized program that is right for you.  If you’re not sure which program is best for you, then contact me and we will determine that together.  All programs are tax deductible as a business coaching expense.  

They say the comeback is stronger than the setback, but that’s if you want it badly enough and are willing to put in the work! When I am faced with challenges in my life, I don’t run.  Instead, I battle right through it, no matter how great the obstacle.  I always begin with strengthening my physical body.  Being physically fit lends itself to being mentally fit, and that in turn allows me to have emotional mastery over the vicissitudes of life.  Us humans are capable of anything we choose to focus on, as long as we are willing to take the necessary actions. If I can do it, so can you!  However, it is crucial to work with a coach or mentor, who will push you to become your very best. That’s how I did it!  Finally, exhibit gratitude to all the people that believed in you, even when you didn’t believe in yourself.  And if you still don’t believe in yourself, then allow me to believe in you and to coach you into believing in yourself.  Life is fragile, short and precious so don’t wait another moment.  Go ahead, pick up that phone and let’s talk!



“I have known Michael Brue for close to three years.  My first encounter with him was when he gave a presentation to new agents at Keller Williams.  He was a dynamic presenter.  He was passionate, brilliant and connected well with the audience.  He was a true leader.  Fast forward and I, like many other former Keller Williams agents, joined his team at Luxe Lifestyles.  At some point, I was going through some personal challenges and I asked Michael for coaching support.  He graciously offered to help, in spite of his busy schedule.

I soon came to learn that Michael is one of the most fiercely loving humans on this planet.  He has a rare combination of a massive heart along with a brilliant mind.  He is a master problem solver and has the gift of understanding each person he is working with, so he can connect with them in a language that will reach them.  Michael has an uncanny generosity of spirit and is truly able to lift people up from the ashes and give them wings to fly.  He reconnected me with a part of myself that I had lost. He helped me see that holding onto the past was not serving me and that I was so much stronger than I was giving myself credit for.  He believed in me until I learned how to believe in myself.  But most of all, he cared about my wellbeing and my career and showed a genuine interest in my success.  That is priceless!  I learned more about myself and life through my interactions with Michael than I learned in my 3 years of Law School.  If you want your life to get slightly better, read a good book.  If you want your life to get 10x better, work with Michael!“ – Gail Wisner

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