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“You either tell your story as fact, or people will try to sell you the remix. My Life has evolved as a result of the inner FIRE inside of me to create a better LIFE. Goals change, game fields change, but the elevation remains the same. We all come from somewhere, you either accept life as it comes, or you co-create life as you manifest it. My focus is on PASSIONATELY connecting people to the best versions of themselves through collaborative effort!” – Michael  J. Brue

I was born into poverty, came from a broken home, knew what it was to struggle, saw things that no kid should ever see, fought mentally and physically my whole young life, had both my head and my heart broken, felt what it was like to go to bed hungry, left home at 15, emancipated at 16, did things to survive that I’m not proud of. Then made a decision that no matter what I would make it change. I almost remember the day. My message is simple, if I can change, you can change and we can all change the course directions. I will never blame someone or something else, I am not offended and I’m certainly not hurt, sad, or mad. I’m glad it all happened, every single piece of it. Our story tells the truth. Anyone can transcend, I did. It’s time for you to believe in you, because I do.


Simply Brilliant

If you want to STAND OUT from the crowd and supercharge your success with a proven system, that is exactly what the 15 Minute Principle will do for you and your business. Not only can you increase your ability to achieve more in less time, you can also increase your success which can lead to more financial wins for you. I will show you how inside.

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