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Companies are realizing the importance of productivity coaching and following the growth trends in taking their business partners to the next level. Coaching is training and development that helps someone achieve goals and improve their productivity. Coaching bridges the gap between education and experience. Companies can partner their productivity coaches with their overall goals and produce a team that matches their organizational goals and mission.

To truly implement a culture that creates and drives success, it is essential to develop goals and a mission. “Get clear on the “Big Rocks,” those 5-7 key goals that you must achieve measure your level of success.

Annual Goals: Annual goals should reflect each of the critical areas of your life. There can be many categories, but we have found the following four areas to be most useful:

Job: What will you do?

Business: What will your company or team do?

Personal: What do you desire to have happened personally (health, family, spiritual, and educational)?

Personal Financial: What improvements do you desire in your net worth (reduced liabilities, increased investments, and increased assets)?

Physical Self: What goals do you have toward getting your mind and body in peak performance.

Monthly Goals: Focus on your methods of achievement: how will you position yourself in pursuit of your annual goals? Begin by breaking your yearly goals down into their monthly increments. When deciding your monthly goals, remember to put priorities first.

Weekly Goals: Weekly goals are levers—actions or activities. Levers are those goals that are the mechanisms or how-tos of achievement (i.e., “I will contact ten people each day.”). These weekly goals are the steps you will take toward your monthly and annual goals. Levers are the means to the ends. Again, your weekly goals are not a to-do list, but rather a have-to-do list. Decide what you need to do that week to achieve your monthly goals, again remembering to put first things first.”

When you partner with a coach, you never have to “go it alone.” You have someone in your corner who wants nothing more than to help you succeed. A coach closely monitors your performance and offers tools, systems, models, resources, and support to motivate and launch your success. If you don’t think you have the best coach in the business, then keep looking, there are many coaches and programs out there. An effective coach implements the “whole person” approach to your business. A successful business begins on the inside with mindset, clarity, understanding of human behavior, and self-care.

Coaching is a path for people who want it, not necessarily the people who need it. Reach out to your office’s productivity coach and get all the information you need to make the best decision for your business.

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