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Your database is vital to being successful in the Real Estate business. However, turning your database into your client base will be crucial in determining your long-term success in Real Estate. Here are 5 tried and true tips on how to start, grow and work your database into a successful client base.


Put together an excel list with the following categories: full name, email, cell phone number, and home address. Be sure to include all the people you know, take from your cell phone, emails and, social media accounts. Combine and see where your holes are. Make sure you have the updated info in each category for each contact you put in. Taking the time to get this right will save you time and make you money in the long run.


You should be feeding your database with a minimum of two new contacts every week. These can be people your friends introduce you too or just a random person you meet out in Public. Or being conscious of moving people known socially or online to knowing them on purpose as growing your database is the key to long term success.


There are lots of campaign types out there from emails to mailers to scripted phone calls and text messages. I have found over the years that the best campaign is a mix of them all. They key is to maintain a steady connection to all of your database of people. Make sure they have all been properly introduced to you as their Realtor and when it comes time to buy, sell, lease or refer you will naturally be the first person they think of.


Nothing says you care more than taking the time to call someone and check in. Emails get deleted, mail gets thrown away and text messages get ignored. Calling someone is important, stick to the 80/20 rule and don’t make your phone call about only business. Use a script that starts with an engage in business, followed by and easy conversation regarding life updates. I find people respect you more in business when you identify the business first then move to how you can help them in their life and business.


When your database becomes your client base, it’s time to celebrate. Show your clients you appreciate them by doing something nice for them a minimum of two times a year. Throw a holiday party or a summer movie night but do something that gets you together face to face and reminds them that you appreciate them using you as their natural first choice for all Real Estate needs. Everyone wants to be appreciated, including you. Have some fun with your people, be authentic.