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What sets the greats apart from the average? Is it luck? Is it timing? Not quite.  It was Thomas Jefferson who said, “I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” This idea is especially true in real estate.


Completing real estate school is just the first step in starting your career. Most new agents say everything they learned came after school through hands-on experience. When you first choose your brokerage, it is their job to help you be successful. Make sure you select a brokerage that makes training a priority.

While training is a priority, the right kind of training is even more vital. It is imperative that you feel like you are absorbing the information and understanding how everything is tied together. Career training and development is not a one-time activity. It is never-ending if you want career growth and success.


When you time block, you make your most important work your priority. You limit your distractions and interruptions, and you are free to focus on what is most important. Multi-tasking is a myth and a danger to your productivity. You cannot do more than one task a time; if you try, you are merely switching back and forth between competing projects quickly. If you only give part of your attention to your project, is it getting done to the best of your ability?


Being purposeful in your decisions and actions is the fastest way to master your objectives. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. If you do what you always do, you will get what you’ve always gotten. If you’re ready to create your life by design, then break through your ceiling of potential and create an experience for yourself beyond your wildest dreams. You are the only person holding you back.


Accept the fact that there are no real limitations to your success and the life you can build for yourself. Remember that success’s measurement isn’t only in financial gain. Measure your life by the impression you are leaving on your children, the office you frequent, and the community in which you live. If just one life will transform because you have lived, that is the meaning of success.