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Michael Brue – #1 Best Selling Author of 15 Minute Principle

For years I have been approached and asked: “How have you been able to build your brokerage from 25 agents to over 1,100, and expand from one market center to five?” I never really thought about it and so I would just avoid this question. I did what I knew best, I kept my head down and moved forward building more and more each day.

Until one day, it hit me. I thought to myself, I have been blessed with this extraordinary gift. A gift that has transformed my life in so many ways, not just in business, but personally. And at that point I knew I had to share this.

I knew that I wanted to share this transforming process with anyone who wanted to make a change in their life and grow, but I was not sure how to do that. Then one day, one of my market center leaders calls me out on Facebook. The short and sweet of it is that he posted a picture of Einstein that read: “There comes a point in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own.” That was the light bulb moment I needed to inspire me to write my very first book.

It didn’t take long before a publishing company reached out to me and I signed an exclusive book deal. Things were getting real and faster than I thought. The name of the book was going to be the 15 Minute Principle. The process took about six months from start to finish and I did not know what to expect when the book went live.

The book launch was scheduled for June 22nd (the day before my birthday). I received a few updates from my publisher throughout the day that the book was performing well. What happened next showed me that I had made the right choice to share this gift with the world.

I wake up the next day on my birthday with a message from my publisher. He told me that I not only had a great launch, but that my book, 15 Minute Principle, debuted #1 in three categories on Amazon. I was blow away by the success and how well the book was received. This was the confirmation that I was looking for.

I cannot thank everyone enough that has supported me in this journey and for all the support that I received for the book.

Actually because of the success of this book, I have already signed another book deal for my second book. If you think the first one was good, wait until you get your hands on this one.

Look for it to be out sometime around the first of the year.

If you are interested in discovering how I have had success in business, you can get a copy of the 15 Minute Principle. The book is still available for sale on Amazon in both physical and digital copies. You can pick up a copy here: http://clkths.com/15min