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Focused, Driven and Goal Oriented! Can all be great attributes, but they will only take you to your natural plateau of good.
We must make sure that what we are thinking about is in total alignment with what we ultimately desire. For it is your thoughts that create your actions, action done long enough create our habits, the habits we form long enough will be what we Master over time. Mastery repeated will lead us to our destiny.
If you think your headed down the long road, you probably are. Redirect through your thoughts.
I have accomplished a great deal of success in business but it almost created ultimate sacrifice in and of the things that matter most. I’m happy with the path I chose and do believed I was called to walk this exact path , accepting all good and bad decisions as necessary steps to bring me to this very moment. Now more then ever I am clear on why I drive so passionately toward pole position.
This evolution of me has brought me a level of enlightenment I never knew possible.
I fight hard for counter balance to right my wrongs and spend quality time with my family as they are clearly my reasons.
Just be careful to not allow the things you do to survive to kill the things you love.
Life Happens when you are driving toward it so accept the Power of Free Will you were given to co-create this lifetime. Dream it, Think it and Just get up and go for it. I am.