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When I look back on my life, I am thankful for all parts. Not just the warm loving parts but the true painful parts as well. My father left when I was 8. At that time I was devastated and didn’t even realize what or why. Looking back I find myself being not only ok by how it all happened but truly appreciative that it happened exactly as it did. Little did I know but that pain would later create a passion and drive that would make me always go for more. My father kept me safe by making me a fighter. He did not reward for mediocrity. He kept me safe not by his presence but through his absence.
I share this with you because I think often we blame our life on the situations but perhaps it’s our situations that give life to who we become. As a student of this I try to take each situation and try to understand how this may be preparing me for my future battles and victories.
There are defining moments in Life, be careful to embrace them as they happen, as you too discover you get to co create what happens next.
Cheers to you as we embark on the next chapter the most exciting chapter of our lives, The Unwritten Chapter!