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So I started out this year asking myself how do you go from good to great!
What I wanted to know is, was it simple or yet a complex make over that would boost my Real Estate Business and overall Life.
One of the questions I asked was what was important to me as man, father and husband. My answers were typical to all the stuff you would probably say too. But at the top of the list were two very distinct things.
I decided not to hire a coach this year but instead invest that time and energy in these two topics.
As someone who grew up poor I knew I wanted more for my life although I wouldn’t trade it for the world because it is what propelled me into deep zest for always going for more.
One of the hardest things for me is to balance giving my children the life I dreamed of growing up as a kid but careful not to give them everything so they too will inherent a passionate Zest in life that will propel them beyond any education that money could buy.
I decided after a series of other questions to find why Health and Fun were repeated throughout my answers that the reasons were easy. I want to be healthy so I am able to be around for as long as possible to see my children discover this world. I want to have fun because as far as we all know we only get one go around in this life so why not enjoy it.
I have made changes to my fitness this year and diet changes too. So far the results have been a happier healthier me. I have booked fun time events and travel plans with the family as much as possible while still balancing in work.
Something amazing happened to our businesses as a by product. Once I focused on putting the man together the world is falling into place. I am happy to report that my business is on fire and I think that becomes easier the happier you are with you then the more you love what you do.
We not only became the number one office in Units Sold for 3 counties we also became the funnest Real Estate office on the planet. The second half of this year I plan on implementing as much fun and health as I can possibly inject into our KW Group of offices.
I kinda always feel like David in the story of David and Goliath, all I knew coming up as a pup was that I had Gods Favor…