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Don’t you want a smart, efficient and focused real estate agent? When you meet with a realtor what questions should you ask?

It is so important to find an agent with the proper tools to get you the best possible deal for your home. But, it’s not all about the money. While it is important that you get charged a fair rate it is also important that your home gets sold in a reasonable amount of time. Keller Williams agents have a plethora of tactics they utilize when listing and selling a home. To help you with the process here are a few tips.

Some questions you should ask your prospective listing agent:

1. What is your specialty?
It is so important to choose the proper agent for you. Choose an agent with a specialty that mirrors your currents needs. For example If you are listing a luxury home you want an agent that has experience in this avenue and in this case an agent that is a Luxury Home Marketing Specialist would be perfect!

2. What kind of marketing tools do you use?
These days it’s not as simple as running an ad in the local paper. There are so many hot marketing avenues available. Sure it’s great to have your Realtor feature your property on their website but what about the social media marketing avenues? Keller Williams agents are posting featured property on Facebook. They are using Pinterest and personal blogs to promote your property. Our agents also have their very own brochure builder to maximize the number of buyers for you.

3. How much will you list my home for?
Knowledgeable agents take many factors into account when helping you choose a listing price. Location, location, location as well as lot size, living space and similar properties that are currently available for sale. It’s all about research! As a seller don’t take the highest bid! In the real estate business that is called “buying a listing”

4. What do you expect of me as a seller?
A great sales person will have expectations and you deserve the best! Your agent might have a few suggestions to spruce up the house. Make a list to together and see what feels appropriate for you. This shows that your agent can think like a buyer and that is always a good sign!

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a stressful process. It can be easy, even fun! I’ll leave you with this thought step back, imagine the possibilities, create the plan, enjoy the process and relish the outcome. Make it an amazing week!